The Blue Album Vinyl Re-Issue....but not Deluxe Unfortunately

Read this on this morning and thought I'd point it out. 

When I first saw the link I thought for SURE it meant the release of TBA - DELUXE on vinyl - which would have been pretty rad.  Sadly, it's not - it'd be quite awesome indeed to listen to Mykel&Carli, Suzanne, My Evaline, and the other "Dusty Gems & Raw Nuggets" on WAX.  In fact I'm curious as to why that hasn't been done yet, as I'm sure it would be a success. 

Anyways, I don't know what the point is of this re-issue is without it being a deluxe re-issue, because TBA on vinyl is pretty much available everywhere still - in fact I saw 2 copies at Amoeba in Hollywood just a few weeks ago.

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Not mentioned in the article, but The Lion and the Witch is being reissued on vinyl too.

this is an easy fix

download audacity, and add in the effects like clicks and pops on the digital versions of these songs.

hell, even make it sound warped too - records tend to do that over time!

problem solved!

megasnorkel, thx for the heads up.  cool surprise to see lion and the witch on vinyl... gives hope for a Death to False Metal release.  Hope that's next (and Alone 2) for vinyl releases.

Anybody know if the green album is going to be reissued

I'd also like alone II and death to false metal eventually

Green album is planned, as well as Make Believe, Maladroit and Pinkerton.  TGA, MB, and Pink are up for preorder at

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