Which song will join Blowin' My Stack/ Unspoken/ Trippin' Down the Freeway/ The Greatest Man That Ever Lived/ Perfect Situation/ Burndt Jamb/ Island in the Sun/ Longtime Sunshine/ and Across the Sea in our Ultimate Weezer Survivor Game?   Here are the rules:  Vote off your least favorite of the songs remaining. Vote for 2 songs until we get down to 5. Since there are only 10 songs, the only round I will eliminate 2 songs is in round 1.  Remember when we get down to the final 2 songs, we vote to win.


1. My Name is Jonas (Eliminated Round 4)

2. No One Else (Eliminated Round 1)

3. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (Eliminated Round 2)

4. Buddy Holly (Eliminated Round 6)

5. Undone- The Sweater Song (3RD PLACE )

6. Surf Wax America (Eliminated Round 1)

7. Say it Ain't So (2ND PLACE )

8. In the Garage (Eliminated Round 3)

9. Holiday (Eliminated Round 5)

10. Only in Dreams (WINNER!!!)

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My Name is Jonas


holiday. buddy holly.
Buddy Holly
My Name Is Jonas
My Name is Jonas
 In The Garage

My Name is Jonas


In The Garage

Buddy Holly

My Name is Jonas
In the Garage

love them both but have to pick :(

In the garage


The World Has Turned And Left Me Here 
Would vote for Jonas, but thats the song that got me into Weezer. I just can't do that to it. 
Love both these songs. But i love the others a little more. 
Say it ain't so
Yeah... Changed my mind. It happens a lot with my taste in music. Sorry.

Jamekae said:
Whatever happened to Undone being "a little less awesome than the rest"?

PUPPIES! said:


Only In Dreams

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