All right guys, I'm hella bored. Let's talk about the Beatles.

I'll admit: up until the last few years, I have had awful taste in music. My radio stayed on Top 40 stations and I was reluctant to give any new music a try. I even hated Weezer at first (I was super Baptist, and decided that I wasn't going to listen to them when I heard that they had a song called "Hash pipe.")

My musical horizons have since broadened, thanks in a large part to Weezer. Notably, in the last two or three years of my "awakening," I've discovered the Beatles. (You'd be surprised how many people write them off at first. I thought they were just some old pop band.)

All that is to say this: One day, I was listening to Pandora, and I heard "A Day in the Life." I was really surprised that it was the Beatles, and I started looking into more of their music.

What songs did it for you? After "A Day in the Life," it was "Got to Get You Into My Life," "Baby You're a Rich Man," "Dear Prudence," and "Fixing a H***." I'd always had a derogatory opinion of John Lennon--another leftover of my strict upbringing--but my appreciation for him has grown immensely. Paul McCartney is my favorite, though. I even love the older stuff, all his pop songs. Those were "the good old days," you know?

Anyways, I'm super bored, and hoping someone will indulge me. What's your favorite Beatles song? Who's your favorite Beatle? What's your favorite album? (I have to go with Abbey Road.)

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Album: Let It Be

Song: Dont't Let Me Down

Beatle: I like them all...white snow boots with fur but John Lennon is favorite

Ringo is an amazing drummer. He is an inspiration for me. So is Pat Wilson. My band all told me that Pat is just a future version of me.

Favourite Beatle  - couldn't choose

Favourite Album - Revolver

Favourite Song    - I'm Only Sleeping/Tomorrow Never Knows


Saw Paul MacCartney at Hampden Park last year and didn't enjoy it as much as I should have, was in the cheap seats surrounded by drunken Glaswegian mongos.


Also that's totally spot on Jack.

Jack Huggart said:

Ringo is an amazing drummer.

Favourite Beatle: John Lennon

Favourite Album: don't quite know yet, but I do know that Sgt. Pepper is overrated (half the songs are brilliant, half are meh).

Favourite Song: She Loves You

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