All right guys, I'm hella bored. Let's talk about the Beatles.

I'll admit: up until the last few years, I have had awful taste in music. My radio stayed on Top 40 stations and I was reluctant to give any new music a try. I even hated Weezer at first (I was super Baptist, and decided that I wasn't going to listen to them when I heard that they had a song called "Hash pipe.")

My musical horizons have since broadened, thanks in a large part to Weezer. Notably, in the last two or three years of my "awakening," I've discovered the Beatles. (You'd be surprised how many people write them off at first. I thought they were just some old pop band.)

All that is to say this: One day, I was listening to Pandora, and I heard "A Day in the Life." I was really surprised that it was the Beatles, and I started looking into more of their music.

What songs did it for you? After "A Day in the Life," it was "Got to Get You Into My Life," "Baby You're a Rich Man," "Dear Prudence," and "Fixing a H***." I'd always had a derogatory opinion of John Lennon--another leftover of my strict upbringing--but my appreciation for him has grown immensely. Paul McCartney is my favorite, though. I even love the older stuff, all his pop songs. Those were "the good old days," you know?

Anyways, I'm super bored, and hoping someone will indulge me. What's your favorite Beatles song? Who's your favorite Beatle? What's your favorite album? (I have to go with Abbey Road.)

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Weezer is my 2nd favorite band, only to be topped by the Beatles.

Favorite Songs: A Day In Life, If I Fell, I am the Walrus, The End... and many others
Favorite Beatle: Ringo !
Favorite album: hmmm Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or Abbey Road

I have discovered them only recently, and I absolutly LOVE them :)
I love!!!!!!!!!! the Beatles. They are my number 1 favorite band. All the ceremony music for my wedding this past summer were Beatles songs.

The Beatles- #1
Weezer- #2 (sorry guys)

Favorite Song- Here, There, And Everywhere
Favorite Beatle- Paul
Favorite Album- Rubber Soul...Or Abbey Road
OMG.. I just realized I made a type-o. Sometimes? LOL!!! I meant something. I'm such a dork.

jKlein said:
There are way too many songs from the Beatles that I LOVE. I think that George Harrison is my favorite Beatle. I do love the song "Sometimes" which is sang by George. I could be biased into liking George so much because I met his sister a couple years back. She's so nice. I didn't even know it was her until she got up on the stage and talked later. I noticed she had an English accent but for some reason I didn't think too much of it. We had a conversation about the weather. LOL I like all 4 of them and 2nd in line is def. John.
Rest in Peace, John.

October 9 1940- December 8 1980

It's strange to imagine what he'd have been like at 70
Favorite Song: Dig A Pony
Favorite Beatle: Paul McCartney
Favorite Album: Let It Be
RIP John Lennon. I thought about that today.

how has TIAR/biebs/kittens not touched this yet?

WeezerWoman said:

He was ordained in Rome? I wonder what religion/denomination.

I was talking about John Lennon with someone the other day who was sure that John is burning in Hell. (Sigh.) I live in the buckle of the Bible Belt, though, so it's to be expected. People down here believe Gandhi was a satanic child molester and George W. Bush is Jesus come again.

Lulu, I thought a while about whether I'd compare him to Paul or John. I've even changed my mind a couple times while typing this. I think I'm gonna have to go with John, though, if anything, just because it "feels" more like John. I'll think on it more; I might change my mind.

I've heard a few people make the observation that there are just no more bands like the Beatles around any more. I suppose that's true. If they are out there, we're too busy being inundated with all the dreck the media shoves down our throats to notice. What I really think it is, though, is that no one spends time in solitude any more. Little boys aren't growing up playing guitar in their room for hours anymore. Everyone's texting, playing video games, watching TiVo, and avoiding any creative or original thoughts. Ironically, I'd argue the Beatles phenomenon was the start of mass media marketing of music, or at least its pinnacle. (Just look at iTunes lately.)

All that being said, I'm going to get off the computer and go read or play music. : ) It's nice reading what y'all have to say.

Smugleaf said:
He made a good priest

☺♥ kïttens ♥☺ said:
lol he's dead.

Just thought I'd let y'all know: Watching Rivers on ustream before his concert, and he's singing "Hard Day's Night" and "What Goes On." Made me smile. : ) 

George was also a good reverend.

<img src=>


(the image is not showing up for some reason, just take my word for it)

strawberry fields


hard day's night

I am from Liverpool and so the Beatles has been around me ever since I was born. I went to school next to Strawberry Fields and live just off Penny Lane.


The White Album is my favourite album because of it's sheer inventiveness and variety. The most important album ever released imo.


My favourite song is Happiness is a Warm Gun and generally I prefare Paul McCartney's songs although Glass Onion and Across the Universe are some of my favourites.


I will be controversial and say I don't think much of Abbey Road as a whole (although Something, Maxwell's Silver Hammer and the end song sequence are brilliant) and don't care for a lot of Let it Be.


I think some of my opinions may come from the fact that everything in this city is Beatles mad and so i never really had that 'revelation' moment hearing them (instead I had the the same experience with the Beach Boys). I think in a way that music you get most caught up in is what seems more exotic and fresh to you. Coming from a English Northern town, he Beach Boys was that for me - and I think John, Paul and the boys had a similar experience themselves in relation to America music in that era! Liverpool has one of England's longest standing black communities, and so much of the 'Mersey-pop' sound comes from the influence of Mo Town that was imported after the war into the community (and of course the later influence of the Beach Boys themselves).

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