All right guys, I'm hella bored. Let's talk about the Beatles.

I'll admit: up until the last few years, I have had awful taste in music. My radio stayed on Top 40 stations and I was reluctant to give any new music a try. I even hated Weezer at first (I was super Baptist, and decided that I wasn't going to listen to them when I heard that they had a song called "Hash pipe.")

My musical horizons have since broadened, thanks in a large part to Weezer. Notably, in the last two or three years of my "awakening," I've discovered the Beatles. (You'd be surprised how many people write them off at first. I thought they were just some old pop band.)

All that is to say this: One day, I was listening to Pandora, and I heard "A Day in the Life." I was really surprised that it was the Beatles, and I started looking into more of their music.

What songs did it for you? After "A Day in the Life," it was "Got to Get You Into My Life," "Baby You're a Rich Man," "Dear Prudence," and "Fixing a H***." I'd always had a derogatory opinion of John Lennon--another leftover of my strict upbringing--but my appreciation for him has grown immensely. Paul McCartney is my favorite, though. I even love the older stuff, all his pop songs. Those were "the good old days," you know?

Anyways, I'm super bored, and hoping someone will indulge me. What's your favorite Beatles song? Who's your favorite Beatle? What's your favorite album? (I have to go with Abbey Road.)

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I LOVE the Beatles! They're one of those bands, like Weezer, that's always a constant for me. I can't name a favorite song because they're endless but Paul is my favorite and I'd have to say my favorite is Rubber Soul.
Favorite Song: In My Life
Favorite Beatle: Paul McCartney
Favorite Album: The Beatles (1968 album)
And yes, The Beatles are amazing.
Favorite Song: A Day in the Life
Favorite Album: Rubber Soul
Favorite Beatle: George Harrison, then John, then Paul, then Ringo.
Fav 'Beattles song ?? hum hard to choose... let's say a day in the life, while my guitar gently wheeps, and maybe julia...

Fav' album... double white

But all they ve done is so amazing... really love them
Favorite beatle: John...
My favorite Beatle is Paul, John turned me off later in their career with all his commie crap. My favorite Beatles' album is "A Hard Day's Night". I like the poppy, black and white Beatles better than the in color, hippy Beatles although I do love the later stuff too. My favorite Beatles' songs are "If I Fell In Love With You" and "She's So Heavy"
Being that The Beatles are my favorite band, and I'm not just saying that either I literally have a Beatletopia in my house, I'll indulge. My love affair with them started about 20 years ago and it's still going strong! So here we go, Favorite Album: I must concur, Abbey Road is possibly the best Album EVER! Favorite song is from Abbey Road, "Oh' Darlin" Which I love, but must admit that I would have preferred that John sing it. That brings me to Favorite Beatle: John Lennon, there is just something about his snarky demeanor and fabulous voice that I simply love, not to mention his life story is amazing. George is a close second, and despite being a hardcore Lennon fan, I believe that George might have been the overall better songwriter of the group. George is followed by Paul 3rd, and Ringo comes in 4th but mostly because he was the last to join the band. Despite Abbey Road being my #1, my favorite albums to listen to are the Anthology Discs and Live At The BBC. I find it funny that you should post this here since, to me, Weezer has a Beatlesque appeal. Weezer could very well be the only contemporary band that I would "compare" to The Beatles due to array of individual talent that makes up the group, and a sound that's hard to mistake for any other bands.
I love the Beatles, but my gf loves them more. My favorite album is probably Rubber Soul or Abbey Road. There's so much to talk about, I don't know where you'd begin? Well, here's a birthday cake I made for my gf the other day. :)

I'm actually not a big Beatles fan, but I love John Lennon's music like nobobies buisness. "Image" has gotten be in my top ten favorite songs of all time.
Song: In My Life
Album: Rubber Soul
Beatle: Brian B... I mean George Harrison
The Beatles album Revolver is absolutely positively the greatest album of all time. Yet, my favorite song by them is Strawberry Fields Forever. The way John is basically describing himself is just amazing... I'm a songwriter and getting that kind of emotion onto paper and then into song is extremely hard (I also praise Rivers for this... kudos, putting yourself out there like that is very hard). I personally think Sgt. Pepper is a little overrated... don't get me wrong, amazing album, but it's definitely not their best... I prefer Revolver, Rubber Soul, The White Album and Help! over Sgt. Pepper, but A Day in the Life is absolutely amazing. A great song from Sgt. Pepper that is often overlooked is Within You Without You.. George Harrison was a fantastic songwriter, definitely overrated and overshadowed by John and Paul. Look at his work in the Beatles albums... his songs are the highlights for me.. If I Needed Someone, Think For Yourself, Taxman, Love You To, I Want to Tell You, Within You Without You, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Savoy Truffle (people will argue, but there's a lot of merit to this song), Long, Long, Long, Here Comes the Sun, and of course, my favorite composition by George, Something. His songs were amazing (check out his solo album All Things Must Pass, simply incredible). The Beatles were my favorite band for the longest time, and still remain in my top five.

P.S. sorry for the long useless post, but I get excited about the Beatles.
I love all of the Beatles albums. But Abbey Road is my fav. I love the song "Hey Jude" i think that its Paul McCartnys best song. My fav Beatle is George cause hes so quiet but hes like the best song writer. His stuff is so deep like "Somthing" and "Within you and Without you" its so deep its like spiritual.

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