The entire patronage of atnw is sitting in the dining room, sipping glasses of wine and eating a turkey dinner.

The lights go out for a moment. A high pitched, feminine scream is heard.

The lights go back on, and we see that the girly scream is coming from Stefan, who is sitting next to Dorian Zelaya.

Dorian's face is planted in his plate, kittens gets up to check his vital signs.

"Well?" asks Berry Rydell, to which kittens replies "...he's dead."





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We were discussing how hott Rivers was that night! We were using sign so that he wouldn't know we were talking about him!

placemats said:

I poured this for you:

And this for Stefan:

Just a coincidence, I swear.  I stand by my original statement that I was in the back putting on some music while Suzanne and Crystal were making out.  Suzanne looked out of the corner of her eye to see if I was watching, so I know she saw me.  I think Peggy is the co-conspirator.  I noticed she and jklein were whispering back and forth a lot.   And I saw them flashing some type of gangster signs/sign language to each other under the table while I was pouring wine.  

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ said:

my money is still on blake, edgey and jklein, along with an as-yet unidentified co-conspirator on the waitstaff who turned off the lights.


now that i think about it, placemats has been awfully quiet this entire time. she popped in to laugh quietly to herself about stefan's inability to handle his wine, but perhaps placemats DRUGGED stefan's wine to cause him to forget important details of the evening.


i have a vague memory of placemats pouring stefan's wine out of a different bottle than she offered me, but at the time i simply assumed placemats was offering me the better of the two. i was far too distracted with trying to set up that threesome between myself, wilf, and stefan's mother to even pay attention to the wine labels.


Well since we're stuck here.. I made everyone lasagna tonight. Enjoy. :)
I made a vegetarian alternative. Enjoy.
mmm. tasty.

jKlein said:
Well since we're stuck here.. I made everyone lasagna tonight. Enjoy. :)

I made a vegetarian alternative, for those so inclined.

jKlein said:

Well since we're stuck here.. I made everyone lasagna tonight. Enjoy. :)
Mine was vegetarian :) Sorry I forgot to mention :-\

Danielle said:
I made a vegetarian alternative. Enjoy.
Heh heh.... Heh.

Yea! See? We weren't suspicious.. we were just trying to get fresh with the waiter!!


(Yes, I know it's a bad edit...)

Peggy said:

It was an honor to carve that turkey.  What with many of the waitstaff occupied and all the squeamish and veggies in the room, the job fell to me, the farmer. 

And no, I was NOT looking threateningly at the dread (and dead) Mr. D as I cut it, I was winkin' at that cute waiter, as Jklein explained.  And the knife?? Still laying right there where I left it.

Sorry we didn't get to enjoy it in peace... I DO THINK WE NEED TO END THIS ALL TOGETHER at once in chat....

That jklein.. she has GREAT IDEAS... (like those awesome pics of wilf and bitey dino <3), though I may have been able to slip clear of this whole jumble without anyone recognizing me had she not given my name... drat...


(jeez guys what a day to work 12 hours and miss this!!!!!!) Y'all makes me glad ta be home!!!

That's not entirely true!
But, if you want more suspects...
In the song "Trainwrecks", Rivers says "someday we'll cut our critics down to size, and crash a party in disguise."

Wilford Brimley 666 said:

Oooh someone has a crush on Ms. Leeper. Perhaps got a little jealous of an exchange she had with Dorian in another thread?

Jealousy is, after all, a classic motive...

Michael Barrios said:

I don't know who did it, but it wasn't Sarah Leeper.
She was busy asking people what their favourite things were, and to rank them. (and being cute)
All I know is it wasn't me! I barely recognize your name. I had no idea about the "reportings" going on until I read it on another thread earlier. Someone got mad about that so I'm guessing it was someone you reported. Are you a ghost? How am I talking to you?

Dorian Zelaya said:
seriously kittens and berry might be in illuminati too,notice how when the lights come back on, berry asks kittens 'well?' berry wants to check if kittens got the job done,which was ordered on by weezer,who were ordered by the illuminati 'gasp!'
I like the photo jKlein.
Thanks! I didn't realize it until I was done but it looks like I'm checking out his rear end. LMAO


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