a Memories tour show! 


Blue album, no b-sides, Radiohead cover and slightly different greatest hits (no Falling for You, El Scorcho instead). 


What do you think of that?  Personally, I loved it!  Not as good as NYC, but still great! 

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Hugh Lovric said:
nope, at a Jet concert it was terrible and also at a Arctic Monkeys concert.

ӎöʼnġõŀïăʼn đęāŧh ɯôṝӎ [berry] said:
weezer concerts?

Hugh Lovric said:
Is the bass loud enough by the way because a few of the concerts that i've been to in the past the bass is really quiet and just gets feedback?.

This was my first Weezer show and I cannot believe what an amazing experience it was.  The show itself was incredible, perfect, the energy and like sheer talent of these guys is overwhelming.  Scott is like the definition of a rock star, he was so on and I was so freaking lucky to be standing near the front and right in front of him!  Hearing Rivers sing Scorcho live too was like a dream come true, and that it was a surprise Memories concert was great.  Every song was on even when the harmonica for In the Garage turned out to be the wrong key!  I'd even heard that Brian doesn't move around a lot during shows but every time I looked up he was having a good time - I'm pretty sure I even saw him twirl once!!  I wish too that Pat hadn't been so far back up by the drums and was happy that when he did kind of come forward he was up near where we were.


Beyond that I just have to say that these guys are beyond amazing to their fans.  I can't thank them enough for making us feel like WE were the important ones.  It was the most surreal and amazing day of my life so far :D so special thanks to Sarah, Pat, Rivers and Scott for just being incredibly nice people!!  Keeping my fingers crossed to see you in London!

They didn't play any Maladroit songs this time around.  That was interesting, I thought. 


I still think the NYC blue show was better due to the crowd.  Both performances were tight.  I really loved OID this time around but then again, I always love OID. 

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