The Angel and the One was debuted live in Australia

Pretty great performance, in my opinion. What say you all?

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Thank you Weezer

It was a magnificent performance. I'd love to hear more of this album live on future tours.

Such an amazing song! its so great to see it being played live.

Guess it was worth the wait Australia... what an awesome treat!!

I'm so so happy they finally did it! Now I hope we get to hear it live \O/

That was a pretty epic performance.

didn't sound too shabby

For some reason my post vanished and left an empty box. I was just saying, when I went to purchase my ticket on Wednesday night just outside of the Myer Bowl, you could hear them rehearsing it at the soundcheck. Sounded great The spooky thing is, just as I approached the Bowl, I had just finished listening to the Red album.

one of the best weezer songs, glad it finally found stage time.

finally, should of been in the mix long ago, it does however seem a bit empty, it needs another guitar I think

Awesome, thanks for posting.  This one of my favorite Weezer songs.  I think it's their second best closer, right after Only In Dreams...

im so lucky i got to see that such an awesome song

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