Thanks to all Mods who ban the only fun/interesting people here.

as if this place doesn't already suck enough as it is.

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Who was banned this time?

Led Wilde said:
Was it the dinosaur chick? Hope not lol
Is kittens a girl? :o

Yeah, I banned brof (whom I like) because he posted Bukkake porn in the chat and he's posted plenty of similar content many times in the past. I'm not sure, maybe Bukkake porn is allowed... maybe the site would suck less if it was.

I didn't delete his content and it was only a temporary suspension so please calm down. He's back and I love him.

To be fair on the mods, they're just doing what they're supposed to be doing, according to the forum/ chat guidelines. They put much of their own time into this community. So, you know, cut them some slack, Luigi-sp26.
No worries. He wasn't out of bounds or anything and it's a fair question since I didn't explain the situation or that it was only a temp ban (even to Brof. I could have messaged him since we are friends on here.) My bad.
What I miss?

also: LOL

Led Wilde said:
Was it the dinosaur chick? Hope not lol
I was well aware of Jon being unbanned before I made this thread. But stuff like this only makes people want to leave this site.

And actually, chat is only mentioned in the guidelines by saying not to post content from chat onto he forums...(which we do anyway in the chat screen capture thread) so chat is no-man's land and the normal rules should not apply. I mean...I CAN say f*** d*** c*** c*** b**** ass s*** AND EVEN h*** in chat. So where is the line?

Also, I am not familiar with bukkake, in order to judge if it is appropriate can you post a link plz?

The mod guidelines (which I haven't read since March) state that I should send the user a warning or report them to an admin if they are getting out of hand in chat (which I think the porn-posting qualified as). So I was out of line and I apologize for the banning to brofessef. Next time I will send him a message.

You weren't banned for the latter and it was unnecessary for me to mention it. I guess I was just making a mountain out of a molehill. I don't really have any excuses for this and I'm fully accountable for a lame decision here.
How did I know this had something to do with our chat about mikey...
Besides, that bukkake stuff looks no like?

EDIT: that bukkake stuff look hot, delicious, AND healthy


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