those shows were deeply moving, especially night 2............


then i woke up at 3:20 PT on Sunday morning to catch my flight back to LA in time to play in my soccer game.  and i've had a cold through all of this. 


needless to say, i didn't score a goal.

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Awh, poor Rivers. I hope you get better soon!
Don't worry, man. You'll score again, someday!
Thank your for those shows and all you do for your fans.  I hope for sixteen more years of great music and memories.

Thank you Rivers.  Sincerely, thank you for an amazing weekend. It's something I'll never forget.


Hope you score a couple goals next time around too.

Rivers ur show moved me soooo much like not even believable!!!!! And I touched your cowboy hat and I couldve taken it but I didn't!!!!!!! My hand is godly!
i didnt go to the chicago one, but i went to the Blue in SF.... one of my fav concerts ever
No, thank YOU Rivers!! Best Weezer show(s) I've ever seen and I can't wait to see you when you come back to Chicago in the years to come.
Those were 2 great, great, great, shows. Last time I saw Weezer live was at United Center when you were touring for the green album. Wow, what a difference. The energy there was unbelievable. pinkerton never sounded better.

That was an incredible show!  The energy was insane. 


Thanks again for skyping with my students.  They had kind of stupid questions, but they really thought that was the coolest thing to get to talk with you and the rest of the band.  Your songs are now their heartsongs, and one of those kids could be starting the next big band and telling the next generation that Weezer is their main influence.  So cool of guys to reach out like that.

Thought it was awesome how you guys let the School of Rock kids play as well.


God bless you guys, and if you keep putting on concerts like that night you'll be rocking out for a long while.


Thanks, Rivers! Those shows were amazing! I hope to keep hearing great music from you and the guys over the years!
Thank YOU!! both shows were incredible!! Especially night 2!  you were on fire!!  Gonna be hard to beat that one!
and it's been amazing to meet so many of you in person.
Thank you for 2 amazing shows in Chicago. Greatest Man That Ever Lived will go down as one of the best performances ever in history. The energy and the spirit of the song and the building is hard to match. Those shows were something special. I hope you consider doing more small venue tours like that one again. 

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