those shows were deeply moving, especially night 2............


then i woke up at 3:20 PT on Sunday morning to catch my flight back to LA in time to play in my soccer game.  and i've had a cold through all of this. 


needless to say, i didn't score a goal.

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Hello all!


I understand I am resurrecting an old post on this board, but I kinda felt it to be necessary... for me at least!


The shows in Chicago meant so much to me. I had two amazing nights where I got to meet the band, see them live, and hear two of my favourite albums, live in front of me in their entirety. To top it all, this was my first time in the US, and it was fantastic. I can't thank you guys enough for that!


Me and my friend came over to the Chicago shows all the way over from Birmingham in the UK. It was a long and expensive journey, but it was worth every penny. I had turned 25 about a week before the shows, and as far as I am concerned, the two nights made the best birthday presents ever!


A big thank you to all the lovely people I met at the show, including some board members here! Everyone we met at the show were all such nice people and the atmosphere both nights was amazing.



This was an amazing show. The Pinkerton set was beautiful and meeting you was great. Thank you. 
I was at Night 2, and I couldn't have picked a better show to be my first concert. It was so amazing! I was so sad by the end that it was over, but I'll never forget it!

I was at Pinkerton night. I'm biased since it's arguably my favorite album but it was possibly the best concert I've been to. It was just... exhausting, both emotionally and physically. By the end I felt like I got hit by a truck. Riding the red line home was surreal.


Thanks man.

no no, thank you so much for bringing Memories Tour to Chicago!!  Meeting you guys was a dream!  Sorry for the cold lol
I discovered your music last year and I am now obssessed with your music so I ask you one thing. Please please please come to Miami, FL!!!!!

It's okay if you dont cause your music will live in my phone forever
Man it was so awesome being in the front row both nights! The set-list you guys played for us was just sick! I didn't think you'd play b-sides or all of the awesome songs from all of the albums you guys have produced. It was a very inspirational night to see my heroes play all of my favorite songs, and it's something I'll never forget. Keep making that sweet sweet music!
i was at both shows, im 16 and i've already seen weezer 5 times, and these were the best shows, especially the pinkerton show

The twelve hour trip to Chicago was unbelievable.  Words can't describe how awesome that weekend was.  It wasn't anything that I thought it would be, but it was more perfect than I could ever image. Cheers to you guys for putting on a spectacular show! It was the best experience ever! And a shout out to Brian for signing CDs on Night 2, even though he was sick.  That made my night.

Agreeed the best concert ive been to yet, cant wait til next time =w=

dude yeah night 2 wsa the best by far. so moving. all the songs were awesome and deep too.


Hey Rivers, My husband was actually going to ask you about Chicago's Pinkerton night at the Diaries Q&A... you called on him (down in the front, second row) but we got overridden by the microphone... but we were wanting to know what your thoughts/feelings were at the end of that show, after Butterfly, with your guitar in the air.... there was an amazing emotional energy that filled the entire place, and we were just wondering if you felt that too :)

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