those shows were deeply moving, especially night 2............


then i woke up at 3:20 PT on Sunday morning to catch my flight back to LA in time to play in my soccer game.  and i've had a cold through all of this. 


needless to say, i didn't score a goal.

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aw, get better soon! you gotta get back in the game!

thank you so much for an amazing show on saturday. i am still recovering from the amount of emotion/energy that was happening that night.

Both shows were incredible Rivers, thank you.  When we heard the feedback we knew You Gave Your Love To Me Softly was coming and it made our year!!!

Rivers your the man I can't even express how bummed i feel knowing I missed these epic shows in Chicago. Feel better!

I went to the Pinkerton show. It was absolutely amazing. I can't wait until you guys come back in this area. You better bet your buttons I'm attending all of your shows in this area from now on. I wish I would have started 10 years ago when I was 16 when I first wanted to.

I hope you feel better soon. I was watching ustream on Friday night and I kept saying "I think Rivers has a cold." to my friend.

both nights were unbelievable. and the setlist from saturday is really tough to top. thank you for both shows. i've seen weezer 7 times now in my life. every performance is outstanding. but these shows were even better than the rest, especially night 2.

thank you also for playing "only in dreams". i've been hoping to hear that live for so long now. it was better than i could have ever imagined.

but mostly, thank you for the night 2 performance of "falling for you". the energy really peaked in that song i think.

The shows were absolutely magical.  Only In Dreams on night 2 brought me to tears, it was so beautiful.  Thanks for all of the happy memories.  My nephew and I had such a blast.  I cannot believe how generous and loving you guys are with your fans.  <3 <3 <3  


PS - You may not have scored a goal on Sunday, but you certainly did on Friday & Saturday.  (OMG, that was so cheesy, I could barely finish the sentence! haha)

Meeting you guys and just attending the concert was sort of life-altering. I've always been sort of angsty about not being able to ever hear Pinkerton live because I got into Weezer when was 11 in 2001. However meeting you, attending the concert, and finally understanding that you guys were making music that you loved brought a sense of closure into my life. Weezer has always played a large part in my life and whether it's healthy or not to put so much stock in something you can't control is sort of inconsequential, all I know is that it made me really happy to see you all happy. Thanks for making great songs I've always been able to relate to and keep making rockin' tunes because with every listen to every song I gain a new appreciation for each one.


             - From the guy who brought you the red Harvard button the night of the Pinkerton performance


Thanks a lot Rivers. I had not seen a show of yours since 2001 because I was not a huge fan of Green or the albums that came after until Hurley, but in this setting I actually enjoy the "latter period" stuff too. I had a fantastic time both nights.


Now you just need to record and release a Summer Songs 2k studio album ala Dave Matthews Band with Busted Stuff :)

It was a truly incredible concert experience. Everything was perfect - the fans, the view, the venue, and of course the band. It was a pure gift to be able to hear all of the legendary Pinkerton live, and I will never ever forget it. Even though I'm only 15, I know that I will probably never attend a concert filled with so much energy, emotion and passion. And meeting you guys at the VIP stuff, was freaking awesome. All of you were so friendly, and I appreciate all the amazing stuff you do for your fans.  
Rivers, those shows were deeply moving for all of us as well, especially night 2 as you said... it was amazing to be able to meet you guys both nights and witness those shows up close. Your music has meant so much to me, ever since I was 12 years old in 1994, Weezer has been my favorite band and I am glad to have had the experience of seeing these early albums. It truly was life-altering, I'll never listen to those albums the same way again, as I will always remember the pure passion, emotion, and energy that came with experiencing them live with you. It gave the music new life and meaning, especially Only in Dreams (loved hearing that twice by the way, made me cry) and every track on Pinkerton... Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this experience. Please keep making music and sharing your heart and talent with all of us lucky fans as long as you can. =W=

I haven't even been able to go to any of this cause i live in florida but thank you anyways!


Now I get to see songs i've always wanted uploaded on youtube! haha

You da man ace

Thank you Rivers, both nights summed up to be the greatest concert experience I have ever been to.  It was truly incredible to hear you guys play all the old and obscure gems.  You showed that you really cared about you fans during this tour so once again thank you.

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