Weezer has been a huge influence on me as a vocalist and songwriter since i was 16 or so...but i'm surprised at the amount of people who liken us (The Danger Bees) to them.  Not that i'm saying it's a bad thing, i just don't particularly get it.  I thought who better to ask an honest opinion on the matter than Weezer fans?  No spam intended, i'm just curious what your take on it is.  I've even had people say i look like Rivers.  Tell me if i'm living in denial.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxu0P_yBMvQ is our newest release and you can hear some other material from our youtube page.

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I think sometimes during the song you sound kind of like Rivers and there were glimpses of Weezer but overall I don't think it sounded like Weezer. It's a pretty cool song though.

Gohi said:
I'm a solo artist brah not a band. get it right. 8-)

Farkas said:
You do not look or sound like rivers. But, your band kind of sounds like a more poppy version of michael's.

By Michael I mean Gohi.

I like the song!


I hear a tidbit of a voice like Rivers but not entirely by any means. Just like certain notes sounded like him.


I just got into the video a little too much and now I ache. Crap.

do i look like rivers...lol. 


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