The Blue Album is what got me hooked on learning to play the guitar...

I finally finished the first album my band has ever made and wanted to share it with other Weezer fans who I am sure feel the same way about Weezer's music.

If you want to check us out you can do so at

We have a couple of our songs up on the streaming player there. If you enjoy it please fan us and let us know.



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your link doesn't work.

you should be able to type in and bring up our website. It works for me.

f*** that

One Word website how is this then.

I thought your music sounded great, it's original, unique. :D

Thank you I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. We spent a lot of time on the whole album so it's nice to be finished with it. And we already started working on our 2nd album. If you want to know when that one is done you can follow this FB link. One Word Facebook :) We are always happy to have new listeners.

i went ahead and listened, just because i wanted to make a joke about using only one word to describe your band, and it would probably be "terrible." buttttt, you aren't terrible. you aren't good either. definitely not original or unique.

the first song on your website was pleasant.

the second was awful.

the third probably would have been ok if you could hear anything other than your vocals in the mix.

well i'm sorry to have upset you God. But thanks for listening anyways. I appreciate it. I'll be sure to let you know when we put up our next awful one :)

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