A thread about Rivers and his control issues with Weezer and whether it's true or not and if so has it returned.

"Take Control of Weezer," that's Rivers' game plan of why he doesn't want the others to promote their side projects. Did you know that Rivers has a control issue when it comes to Weezer? It hasn't surfaced in years. But it has manifested itself now (control) with Rivers turning Weezer into an oldies act. All about the $$$$. And thanks to Rivers Cuomo's control issue with Weezer, Scott can't talk about Pusher Jones or Pat with TSG and Brian and TR.

I imagine the major reason that Rivers and Karl decided to turn Weezer into an oldies act is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. As the old saying goes: "Money talks, BS walks." Rivers won't admit to his own mistakes either so he's taking the easy way out by turning Weezer into an oldies act. That way, Rivers doesn't have to write songs for Weezer anymore, just turn Weezer into an oldies act and take the easy way out. I wish that Weezer would have done an acoustic show or something but Rivers wants his oldies/Las Vegas type of show. But would Rivers do an acoustic Weezer show? He has already turned the group into robots playing Blue/Pinkerton each time.

I think that the real downhill slide has come within the past 3 years or so thanks to Rivers and Karl. Too many yes people. Some yes people are trying to influence Rivers and Karl in what Weezer does next. Certainly not Pat, Scott and Brian. Everyone is working on a new album except Weezer. It's too much touring as an oldies act than an act that should be doing something, but can we help it if Rivers is back to his controlling ways with Weezer again? Guess he's not up to date on things like M & S. Mumford & Sons, that is. I bet Rivers doesn't know who they are much less their music.

Rivers, when are you going to get youirself out your rut you're in and write something for Weezer again? Have you ever heard of Mumford and Sons and why don't you care about your music anymore.

Karl, when are we going to get something other than the Memories tours? You and Rivers went overboard with them.

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I like your Mumfordian style.

Dare you to say 'Oldies' again?

Do you think it's all true? Lewis has known to be right about certain things.

like what? I demand proof!

Who Gives A Crap said:

Lewis has known to be right about certain things.


If you like mumford and sons so much you might wanna check this out.


Daniel [ThisDopeNose] said:


If you want to jab your eyes out with a spoon you might wanna check this out.

If Rivers has never heard of Mumford and Sons... then I am sincerely jealous.

Good one.

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