With the Green Album game going on now, the next two are Blue, and Pinkerton. 

What songs do you think are going to win?

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Separate B-Sides game.  Because in Green you don't have Brightening Day, Christmas Song, etc...


Maladroit, Living Without You was missing


maybe have smaller games, like, all B-Sides for Pinkerton, all for Blue (maybe combine Blue and Pink, because I don't think Blue had nearly as many B-sides as Pink)

fuzzman said:

You could always make a separate game for B-sides and non-album tracks? Waiting on You, Longtime Sunshine and Miss Sweeney would be serious contenders I think.


But as for the ultimate survivor game, I can't see how anything post-1996 could be eliminated. Maladroit was the only album that came close to the quality of Blue and Pinkerton.

Island In The Sun

Pink Triangle

Buddy Holly


I see what you're saying but I just think having like 19 songs in total is just too much.  Most of those 9 songs don't have a shot at competing with the original 10.  I think Tragic Girl and Long Time Sunshine have the most potential to compete.  I really love the song Getting Up and Leaving (not as much as Tragic Girl but more than Long Time Sunshine)............so I would like to add that too. Still, I realize that it's best to not go for personal preference and just add the 2 most popular.


@fuzzman I've already added Miss Sweeney and other bonus/deluxe tracks in earlier games.  Miss Sweeney came in 4th on Red and Pig came in 3rd. It was interesting to see how they would do against the actual songs on the album.  That's why I didn't make a separate game


@Gregor  I thought about a separate game but it seems too late now for that. Let's focus on 2 or 3 more songs on Pinkerton and 2 or 3 added songs to Blue. 


If any of you have opinions on what songs we should add- let me know. Let's limit it to 3 songs on each and not do a separate game. Thanks for your input! 

If you're going to add GUAL, Longtime Sunshine and Tragic Girl, then you should also add Devotion and Waiting on You

you should make a songs from the black h*** game, also my predictions:

green: hash pipe
pinkerton: across the sea
blue: only in dreams

what I wish:

green: hash pipe

pinkerton: el scorcho
blue: holiday 

exactly, what about Suzanne, I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams, Jamie, Mykel and Carli, You Gave Your Love to Me Softly, etc....


You can't just add 2 songs that you feel are most popular. 


Reconsider your decision to not have a B-sides game.

Stefan said:

If you're going to add GUAL, Longtime Sunshine and Tragic Girl, then you should also add Devotion and Waiting on You

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