i was looking at billboards and it said that every single weezer album had charted exept the blue and green album. how? how did those two amazing albums not chart?

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pretty sure you're mistaken.




Who's rising and wassup with him?
triple fail
I'm wondering... Did Hurley ever chart?
Wow! #6! that's much higher than I would've guessed for Hurley 

the Wiki pages for both albums say:


Green - debuted at #4 on the billboard album charts.

Blue - peaked at #16 on the billboard album charts.



maybe he was looking at the wrong chart
if so, i wouldn't be supprised.

CrazyLikeAFox [spaz] said:
maybe he was looking at the wrong chart
look at billboards  http://www.billboard.com/#/search/?Nty=1&Ntx=mode%2bmatchallpar...|1&Ne=125&N=127&Ntt=weezer  look for yourself
on billboards it said they never charted, though for the blue album im pretty sure there talking about the blue album deluxe edition

im pretty darn sure the Green album charted lol

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