what's everybody doing over the summer?

mine started last month, went to download festival, got Madness, the darkness to see still. my first taste of horse racing this weekend (at the course, not riding a horse)

going to see some newcastle games in portugal and going to USA in August!! 

and getting terribly drunk along the way.

what are your plans?

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You're coming to the states? Where? When?

I'm taking an intense summer course that is whipping my butt and consuming all of my time but will be worth it in the end. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I did treat myself to a Weezer concert in Las Vegas the weekend before I had to start my classes. Best Weezer show since I went to. Hope I can meet you.

Read, write, watch a lot. 

Get my G1 Driver's license.

Find a part-time job.

I'm going to Croatia for 2 weeks

other than that just working, drinking, and flirting

you are going up in my estimations, good lad Stefan

Stefan said:

Find a part-time job.

i am not sure yet....summer doesn't start until November here.

blake is in australia

trevor is in the UK

edgey will be in the US

i'm so confused

I'm in Canada. 

Went to a family camp with lots of cool indoor and outdoor activities.  Took some archery lessons there which turned out to be really fun.

Getting some shelving for the house(cubbies for records and a bookcase).  Was initially going to purchase from IKEA, but  decided against particle board.  Ended up convincing the hubby and a friend to make the cubbies, and ordered a solid pine bookcase that we'll have to put together and finish.

Spent the 4th watching lame fireworks with friends.  All the a******* are shooting off their guns now. 

Going to the beach in a couple weeks.

whatever my plans are from here on, i certainly won't be riding a horse!

i forgot about that, i feel slightly retarded now

Luigi-sp26 said:

i am not sure yet....summer doesn't start until November here.

I'm busy growing a baby...

I'm getting divorced.   

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