Forget celebs, cowboy hats and mustaches, I vote TBA style, with pimp gear.


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The question is, would the album be called "Keanu" or "Neo"?
"I Know Kung Fu.....Whoa"

Bad Finger Boogie said:
The question is, would the album be called "Keanu" or "Neo"?
No way. That would be sacrilege against one of the best albums of the 90's.

Corey Gregory said:
The Pink Album
It should be in the art style of 60s decor.

How about something like this? Except with Weezer on it, not the Beatles. Or the band could dress up like Kiss.
I don't think Weezer needs another self-titled album... They'd have to round it out to 5 or 6 prolly.
Yellow then Purple then Orange?

Heh. Or 9.
Black then white and for their last record, gold.

But I'm sure there will be no more self-titled albums. 'Hurley' almost was one, if they were planning on doing more, they'd have done that.

However, I love 'Unhappy Meal' as a title xD
They seem to be really bad at making album titles. 3 self titled, 1 name given to them by Rainn Wilson, Maladroit was a fan's idea. Rivers said somewhere that it was 7 years between blue and green and since it was another 7 years between green and red that the self titled thing seemed like a good idea again. so it might be til 2015 before we see another self titled album.
Unless the Sun was paying for the album.

Bad Finger Boogie said:
Yunjin "Sun Hwa-kwon" Kim on the front cover - not only is she foxy, but "Sun" is a pretty cool name for an album.

No commercial tie-up possibilities like Hurley, hence no Hurleygate scandals.

That would be awesome!

Domenic Petrella said:
The band eating sandwiches would be cool.
A hamburger.
So do we think it will be food related? I dont think it would be a hamburger since Rivers is a vegetarian.

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