Stuff you thought was gonna be gross but turned out to be tasty :)

I'm a recent convert to veganism and recently made two dishes that I honestly thought weren't going to be very good but turned out amazing: Pastitsio and Macaroni & Cheese.

How 'bout you?

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hash browns, cheese and BBQ sauce*



*i didn't have much food in the cupboards 

Non-dairy ice cream.  So good!
I'm gonna have to go with tripe on this, in a tomato sauce with potatoes.
most things i cook :)

supak, what's wrong with tripe?


blurkom.................i best not say anything or i will get told off

well I now realize there is nothing wrong with tripe, but I thought it would be nasty for some reason.

edgey44 said:

supak, what's wrong with tripe?

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