Yo guys!


Anybody know where I can find a copy of SS2K?


The album with Superstar and the Sister Song.

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this is great :).

SS2K PUNK said:

SS2K used to be all over the web, but over time I feel like it's become harder to track down. When it was first released, there was massive fan demand and most of the songs were already immense fan favorites. However, the situation has changed over time. Green was our first Weezer in a while, and SS2K was a great alternative. It's what Green originally promised to be: 50/60's pop meets 90's alternative rock. At the time fans weren't upset with cuomo's direction towards writing the perfect pop song, they were upset with his execution (Weezer themselves have gone on record with similar regrets towards Green). SS2K was the perfect remedy. But as an online release in the early 2000's, SS2K has sunk into obscurity. Nowadays there's a bunch of Weezer records, so if you don't like Green, you can try Mala, or red, so I feel like SS2K has kind of fallen by the wayside due to these two reasons (as well as due to the lack of easily accessible online availability causing SS2K to become even more scarce).


In order to remedy this problem, I uploaded the whole SS2K album onto youtube account (http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAngryAbsolutist#p/p). I got one play list with the album on it by itself, and a second with the bonus tracks added on as well. You can also just search Weezer SS2K on youtube and my playlists should pop up.


Don't trust any SS2K you find online, the first version I found swapped in different versions for O Girl and Dope Nose, instead of using Rivers' "definitive" edits. The album was released online for free for the purpose of fan downloading, so no worries; go to my videos, rip the album off youtube, take the album artwork, and spread it on to any and everyone you can.


SS2K is without a doubt my fave Weez record. Is it there best? No. is it there definitive pop record however? I'd say yes. And I'd also say definitely their most stoner friendly, thanks to Mikey ;)

how do you kids not understand that ripping audio off of youtube gives you absolute s*** quality?

ffs, just zip the original files you have and upload that to mediafire and share the link if someone wants it.

I also have no problem emailing the album to people. That's how I got my copy. If anyone wants me to email them the album in high quality, just let me know (johnathan@johnhunsinger.com).


and here is the whole album in high quality along with bonus tracks and other material.


Now go forth and spread the good word of =W=.


long live Mikey ******* Welsh.

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