"unbreak my heart" from death to false METAL!

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Good stuff weezer! Rivers, I'm really liking the vocals on it. I wasn't sure what to expect from the cover but its definitely cool to listen to. The backup vocals towards the end are nice too.
Thank you so much! This is just great! :D
Thanks for being good to the fans! I appreciate the song and all the songs you've given me and the rest of us over the many years!!!
Thanks Rivers, sounds like perfect situation, but darker.
Yep, you can find it on Weezerpedia.

musiconmymind08 said:
wait....you have tragic girl?

Michael Small (Smalls) said:
Thanks for this Rivers.

Do you know what this does? This allows me to bring my friends to my place to listen to new weezer. I showed my friends Tragic Girl, Getting Up and Leaving, and these Death to False metal tracks. They love the name of the album. I'm going to play this and those tracks on my radio show tomorrow.
this is the first song from weezer my 53 year old mother likes, awesome
Thank you for all the treats. looking forward to Nov. 2nd.
Thanks Rivers.
that is such a beautifully heartwrenching song...it sounds great, i love that you r singing this!!!
RIvers - was it you or Naggers that banned me from weezer.com, im really upset about it
I love this cover--been listening it tons lately.

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