"unbreak my heart" from death to false METAL!

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Hey, great cover!
Thanks for yet another treat!!!
thanks :)
Thanks Vars, Going falsetto towards the end certainly makes for an interesting dynamic. Wouldn't mind hearing more like that.
I really like the song. I have never heard the version by I think Tony Braxton. Thank You!
This is so cool!

I can't believe you guys never toured with Braxton when you were in your simultaneous primes! This song originally came out the same year as Pinkerton you know! Something must have been in the air for great music.

Please next cover:

Waterfalls - TLC
Excellent stuff Rivers! Keep em coming :)
gracias mi amigo,
as always...a great cover from weezer
Thanks for sharing. Love it!!!
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It sounds real good, you play it all cool Rivers and then hit that falsetto, dig it!
Death to False(tto) METAL!
I'm loving this! I can't wait to get DTFM

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