"unbreak my heart" from death to false METAL!

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thanks, dude. weird to hear finally. dig it tho! especially the falsetto.
I love Weezer covers. This is up there with Brain Stew for me.
Thanks Varz.
Track 10 out of 13 in iTunes. You holding out on the Japanese Bonus tracks on us, eh Rivahs?
Sounds okay although it seems out of place on the album compared to the other songs.
2's and 4's are not special or treat enough so odd #'s it is... the old title had odd in it right??? like odds n ends... so no special 2, 4, 6? all odds and ends?
Haha this is the worst timing ever. This song does not unbreak my heart, it only makes it feel worse. :(

It's amazing though.
Hey Rivers,

I live in SF and right now one of my best friends is leaving me and moving to Minnesota. I played her "Getting Up and Leaving" and she cried as right now it kind of represents what she's going through. She's headed home to Minnesota after living here for 2 years. Anyways, just as i finished playing her that song, you posted "Unbreak My Heart", which is one of her favorite songs of all time. It was perfect timing to create a sweet and sentimental memory for us before she leaves. I thank you for that:) Cheers brother, can't wait to catch your show when you guys head up to the Bay Area.

Safe Journeys,
Legen...Wait For It... Dary!!!!!!!!

Pure Weezer Awesomenesss!!!!! :D
these are the kind of lyrics we're used to you writing Rivers!!!!
wait....you have tragic girl?

Michael Small (Smalls) said:
Thanks for this Rivers.

Do you know what this does? This allows me to bring my friends to my place to listen to new weezer. I showed my friends Tragic Girl, Getting Up and Leaving, and these Death to False metal tracks. They love the name of the album. I'm going to play this and those tracks on my radio show tomorrow.
wow!! I loved it, as usual. Thanks so much!

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