"unbreak my heart" from death to false METAL!

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A lot more restrained than I thought it'd be, but still damn good. Thank you much!
thanks riv-dawg! can't wait till November/December!

Rivers Cuomo said:

Thanks Rivers, I appreciate you doing this for us! See you in New York sir!
Thanks for this Rivers.

Do you know what this does? This allows me to bring my friends to my place to listen to new weezer. I showed my friends Tragic Girl, Getting Up and Leaving, and these Death to False metal tracks. They love the name of the album. I'm going to play this and those tracks on my radio show tomorrow.
Thanks, I like it
I love this song and I thought you guys did a good job. Love the guitar solo and when you hit those high notes it sent chills down my spine! Keep up the good work!
Thanks! Better than I expected. Definitely sounds like a Make Believe era track. Speaking of which, will we ever be able to hear You're The One? Pretty please?
thank you for sharing. I will now drop everything and listen. I mean it.
I like it.
I liked it, although I'm not usually into covers for some reason. I prefer to hear original material, still pretty great. Thanks for another treat Rivers!

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