"Getting Up and Leaving" from Pinkerton Deluxe!

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You sir, have made my day.
Careful not to capsize in your tugboat.
words can not express how i feel right now. At 3:17 am, I will go for a walk so I can listen to this.

d'alphabot said:
Thank Goddess...y'all really put the haters and trolls to bed for good with this one. Absolutely amazing!

One can only hope. Unfortunately, I don't see it as likely.
Anyone know if this huge Pinkerton deluxe booklet will include Varz anecdotes about these songs? You get the feeling that "Getting Up and Leaving" was something really personal to him when he wrote it ('93, band is taking off, uncertainty, etc.). In that sense, it almost feels like it should have been a SFTBH track.

It's obvious, to me, but it's always cool to hear someone expand upon it. I'm still expecting a good explanation as to why this and all the other P:DE and DTFM tracks we've heard etc. were shelved, too :)
This isn't just an amazing song. It's legitimately one of the best Weezer tunes ever.
I'm sorry but after so many years I guess I was expecting gold to come out of the speakers and into my ears. I will always prefer FAA's version because it has the classic Weezer crunch throughout and not just in the chorus.
great song. can't wait for the actual cd, and albums 9, 10, and 11
This song rocks, sir!
It won't leave my head!

It's like mono that has seeped into my brain.
this is number one :) thanks rivs! true classic
cheers again

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