"Getting Up and Leaving" from Pinkerton Deluxe!

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This is awesome! Thanks Rivers!
Yeah, really great stuff Rivers, loving what I've heard so far :)
it's finally happend! thanks Mr Cuomo again!!

sssssssso beautiful song ^__^
Awesome tune.
beast xo
Does anyone else see "The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" in the side pane when they listen to this in WMP? :P

Don't want this thread to get buried. This song is too amazing.
Getting up and leaving was so good.  I like the pinkerton bonus tracks (not the live ones though) better than the actual pinkerton album.  Like "devotion" makes me cry and "tragic girl" well I met her and I'm still in love with her.  Oh man.  I feel kinda bad that I relate to your music so much, being that my life had become kind of odd.  Ummm so yea I'm sure you're different now with a wife and kid and all.  I wrote a review of all your albums in amazon I think under the name Alex I don't really remember but yea I have all these crazy theories about you.  I really need to be humbled.  

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