"Getting Up and Leaving" from Pinkerton Deluxe!

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you the man rivers
Thank you Rivers!!!! You are a king among men! As a fan I can really feel the weez love.
"I really, really wanna go back." Me too Riv. Can't wait for the Memories Tour shows in Boston. It would be pretty damn awesome if you added this one to the Pinkerton set...perhaps as an encore?
Very nicely done. In between enjoying the hell out of it, I have to wonder why something so good has been shelved for nearly a decade and a half.

Love it!!
I must've played this 5x at least, since waking up to find Special Treat #3.

Thank Goddess...y'all really put the haters and trolls to bed for good with this one. Absolutely amazing!
Thanks so much. This day has now become epic.
Holy freaking crap!!!!! This is so amazing. I'm smiling so huge right now.
Thanks! The music is exciting!
You people are rocking my tugboat!
It's an honor.

Rivers Cuomo said:
You people are rocking my tugboat!
thank's rivers, this song is realy good
come to brazil pleaaaaseeee *___*

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