"Getting Up and Leaving" from Pinkerton Deluxe!

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november 2 can't come soon enough...
i've already started celebrating by listening to Pinkerton every night!!
Another great tune
Hey awesome song Rivers! cant wait to get the deluxe album!
Brilliant. I can't believe this masterpiece has just been sitting in a vault somewhere for 13 years. The off note in the guitar lead is something Weezer would never do now, I love it.

If I could cry, I would be crying tears of joy right now.
Thanks again. Keep the Rock and Roll coming!!!
Ahhhh! EXCELLENT!!! Thank you. :)
I think I just creamed my panties!
This was posted over 6 hours ago, and there's only three pages to this thread? Seriously?
This page should be like 10 friggin pages! Do you not realize what this is? We finally are hearing GETTING UP AND F****** LEAVING!!! After 13 years, GETTING UP AND LEAVING!

Thank you so much for finally putting this out there, and earlier than Nov. 2nd to boot!
Rivers, this song is fantastic. That little off note, really caught me off guard. At first I didn't get it, but after a couple listens, I like it. Beautiful stuff!
Thanks for the special treat!! It rocks!
This is sooo awesome thank you :)
thanks so much rivers :)
but wheres number 2? i think you skipped it! :)

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