"blowin' my stack" from death to false metal!

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I really like it. Thank you so much Rivers!
#1 means that a second treat is guaranteed, no?
Love it. Thanks!

Does anyone else know why it registers as a podcast when you drag it into itunes?
Thanks Rivers! You sir just made my night.
really dig this. also has a great sound. dig on the fuzz.
niceeee! I'm liking it. catchy and a cool guitar solo!
Haha, late to the party I guess. Pretty sweet track. That break down was killer, going back into a much harder sound towards the end. I blew my stack. Thanks for uploading this Rivers!
Thank ya'll!
I need to learn not to let 30 second Amazon clips disappoint me. I like this one a lot
Anybody know what era/time period this was written? I really dig the sound on this.
Make believe era bleed, Refer to the IM that was sent to you answering the question you posed here..haha

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