"blowin' my stack" from death to false metal!

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Thanks Rivers! We love you!
awesome song!
It has been spoken.

Lewis Digges said:
Loving this song!! I feel like blowing my stack at times about a lot of things too. Love the guitar solos, Pat's drumming and Scott and Brian's harmonies on the song. Classic Weezer here. Thanks Rivers for bringing the song to us and can't wait until Death To False Metal and Pink Deluxe comes out. =W=

I can't express how happy I am that there is a guitar solo in Blowin' My Stack. Thanks Rivers!
rivers brotha, this song is simply amazing. wow how did this not end up on an earlier record
It's GREAT!! :D
thank you good sir!
can't find special treat # 2 or if it got deleated?
Great tune, gotta love the tone on the solo.
Thanks Rivers. Saw you posted the song this morning. Finally home to hear it. Thanks
Such an awesome song!! Completely took me off guard b/c it was demoed for Make Believe but its heavier than anything on that album. Weezer can tear it up!! yEah!!

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