"blowin' my stack" from death to false metal!

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Awesome! I love it, can't wait for the album!
Now get back to England! ha
Awesome! Love it! :) Thanks!
Rivers keep writing music man, you were meant to do so.

Just because record sales aren't up to snuff doesn't mean less people are listening...It just means more people are downloading the albums.. People dont wanna buy albums anymore.

Don't let it discourage you.

As for the song, very nice man. It kinda sums up all the right aspects of weezer.

Fun, Hooky, lyrics that mean something, and the break down is totally 90's weezer. I miss things like that!

After hearing a low quality rip of tragic girl i don't think anything will ever compare to it because those lyrics just tug at the heart but this blowin' my stack is quite awesome and im glad it's finally being released.

Thanks for sharing.

I'll be buying both pink deluxe and death to false metal.

Excited for I don't want your lovin!
Awesome song Rivers! Thanks for giving it to us! Can't wait till I get my Autographed Collectors package on Nov. 2nd!
Rivers. you just made my night 100 times better sir
I hope you make the rest of the album available, since I cannot pre-order it (and pinkerton deluxe) because I live in Australia :(
Thank you Mr. Cuomo. 
Sick! i love it
sweet, thanks gangsta.
I feel like I'm back in the 90s! thanks Rivers
I really liked the song, Rivers, thanks for sharing.

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