"blowin' my stack" from death to false metal!

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oooh. thx!
Thank you, this the essence of awesome. The solo is great.
thanks Mr. Cuomo!
Thanks Rivers, sounds great.
i love you rivers. im sorry i wont be able to make it to the new york show, but scalpers sold out tickets insatntly, and online tickets are too much money. i still love u guys to death though, and this song is amazing!
Very, very nice. The verses/chorus is very, very hooky, and the solo/breakdown is so cool and unexpected. The scream makes me laugh/smile every time I hear it - I love it.

I have to wonder why this was left behind.
i love it! i blew my stack this week and it made me feel good too! lol
I love you Rivers! Ive been waiting to hear this song ever since i saw it was a candidate to be on MB
Love it. I've missed you guitar solos...welcome back
gimme some lovin
gimme some LOVIN
gimme some lovin

CrackerJack said:
wow. ungratful much.
Rivers you cant write a bad song.
Distortion in the left channel is fantastic. Chorus sounds very early/mid 2000's, (think, American Pie sequels) which is iffy for me. Solo doesn't sound particularly Weezer to me, but I'm into it. The best part of the song is the bridge "I'm too tired to fight". Great vocals all the way through. Probably my favourite from Death To False Metal so far... but if Trampoline is as good as I think it's going to be....
Nice. I like the lyrics and the guitar work. Nice to hear a song about being an average slob stuck in rush hour to get cash for food! I can relate, sucka! :0)

I liked the solo too, but the little chord changeup from the chorusish part at the end was cool and an interesting way to end the tune.

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