Songs you are excited to hear for the first time on the Memories Tour...

I'm really curious... for me it's The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (which I'm pretty sure hasn't been played since the 90s, all the videos I see on YT are from 95), Across the Sea, Falling For You, Butterfly, Only in Dreams and Holiday.  Oh and Tired of Sex.

I haven't had the chance to hear any of those songs played live, so I am pretty excited.

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Sorry, biebs. Didn't think about it. Relax.

j-biebs said:
seriously, there's an edit function for a reason.

elscorcho said:
That's where I saw it.

elscorcho said:
So did I. Did you see them in Milwaukee in December last year?

Radioactive said:
That's a crazy hard song to play live... So blessed I am to have heard it, it's my fave.

trainwrecked said:
I know I am excited to hear both albums!!! But for the greatest hits would it kill them to play The Greatest Man That Ever Lived!!! I would love to hear it live again and would love to see what Rivers antics for this song would be now that he rocks out more!!
I am really looking forward to 'Across the Sea' and 'Pink Triangle'.

Of course, I would love to hear some B********* B-sides too like 'Jamie'. [And I wouldn't complain if I heard some tracks off the Alone Home Recordings...] When the Pixies did their recent Doolittle tour I'm pretty sure they rocked out a couple of Doolittle B-sides. It would be very doable.

There is a plethora of other stuff they could play instead of the "Greatest Hits" to follow. I'm just saying.
Only In Dreams...but if Rivers dances and doesn't play guitar on that song I WILL have an aneurysm lol
I've seen about half of Blue get played.. my first weezer show was at the MGM Grand in June of this year. the only Pinkerton song played was el scorcho, so i'd LOVE to see more pinkerton. ESPECIALLY Across the Sea and The Good Life and Falling For You... i hope they end pinkerton with just rivers on acoustic.
Anything on Maladroit.

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