I decided to bring the old thread back to life.   \o/


What non-Weezer songs would you like to hear Weezer cover?


February Stars struck me a little while ago... ah, yeah. They could totally do it!

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Anything by KISS.
Pocahontas by Neil Young
Safety Dance
Anything nirvana.
California Gurls lol

Maybe a Smart/California Girls Mashup
Hackensack, by Fountains of Wayne. It would be fairly awesome if they did like Hound Dog too. Or something from that era.
teenage dirtbag

ohh wait........
i think they should cover some slayer and follow it up with some mastodon.
"F*** You" by Cee Lo Green
It has that broken and low self esteem thing going with some good guitar riff work in it. Plus, it's funny and toe tappingly addictive.

"Blow up the outside world" by Soundgarden

"Story of my life" by Social Distortion
I love that song! I thought I was one of the only people on the planet who still listens to it, but I guess not.

edgey44 said:
teenage dirtbag

ohh wait........
I'd love to hear 90's Rivers sing "Movin' Out" by Billy Joel...otherwise, meh.

AceMcbanon said:
Safety Dance

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