I know this is wiki and everything is wrong there, but, I read that weezer's releasing Songs from the Black H*** next year. Probably not true, but it would be SO BADASS. Even though everything's being released by the end of the year... will this be like a true remake?

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Do you at least have a link?

It's also unlikely true.
i kinda doubt it too but heres the wiki


You never know. I'd need more of a confirmation from the band though.
But didn't rivers say he was working on new songs?
Wikipedia + no source = BZZZZZT!!!!

Unfortunately, I've clung to false information before just because it made me happy, so I'm one to talk. Aw well.
I cling to false information too.

So I will sit and hope as well.
yeah, it's probably bull... However, they did announce a new album for 2011... Maybe they will just name it that, and piss everyone off when it ends up being another pop album with 15 other songwriters on it and a lame album cover.
That would be hilarious.

But I would still love the album because I'm a true Weezer fan.
Anyone can edit the wiki. And after Pinkerton Deluxe, Death to False Metal and Alone 3 I think pretty much all of what was going to be SFTBH will be released.

Also, why the heck is HOLEEEE of all things censored? haha.
How come that worked?

elscorcho said:
Hm. When I first typed it in, it wasn't censored. I thought it had worked.

this is a recording said:

elscorcho said:
How come that worked?

elscorcho said:

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