Some interesting info on Matt Sharp's departure / the beginning of the dark ages

I came across these articles last night. Don't know if the newer alt press one was popular on here when it was published, so sorry if you have all read it before. I find them both really interesting, especially some of the things pat had to say about rivers in the older article. Karl says a lot of good stuff about what was going on in the retrospective.

Retrospective on Pinkerton:

Published shortly before the break up following pinkerton:

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HEY! Did i say you could use my name in vain?

☺♥ kïttens ♥☺ said:

right, i forget that when you're the one making all the money, it's totally cool to treat people like s***.

america! f*** yeah!

What's it like being a complete idiot?

Wilford Brimley said:

Screw Matt Sharp, they have been nothing ever since these guys left the band
I actually do agree that Rivers should have gotten more $$$ because he did a lot of the work.

The things that Rivers has to say in the 2nd older article depresses the hell out of me. It almost makes me glad Weezer plunged into the depths of mediocrity if it meant he could be happier.


Never thought I'd ever say that.

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