This post might be pointless but I wanted to say the being a Weezer fan in California is the best things ever. We get the best of everything, gotta love living in California, sorry for the other folks, hope you get your fair share of Weezer sometime.

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Couldn't agree more! :)
not fair!

*walks off, arms crossed with grumpy face*
Sorry about this, hope you get your Weezer fix soon.
I 100% agree! I've seen Weezer twice this year and both were free shows! Can't wait to see them in November!
This is true. It's mostly because Weezer live in LA though.
Daniel [bleed0range] said:
This is true. It's mostly because Weezer live in LA though.

The whole industry thing probably has a lot to do with it too.

But yeah, we get all the special secret Green Day (& related) shows up in the Bay Area and not much else.
Yeah, they're from CA. That's why. The best fans live in Wisconsin, though :p
Conversely UK weezer fans get the worst.
They even admitted in a recent Kerrang interview that they don't play the UK cause they can make a lot more money playing the US. Thanks a lot.
i agree! we are so lucky :) as if socal want already so awesome!

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