So, why were none of the tracks on Death to False Metal released until the CD itself?

I think that there are some really solid tracks, and all would have made great additions to past albums, so why did we never hear them until DTFM? 

I'm a robot and Trampoline are among my favorites, as is Blowin My Stack :)

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I don't get the hate for the Unbreak My Heart cover.  Aside from some vocal blemishes from Rivers (which is weird, considering how good he sounded vocally at the time) it's a nice cover.  Especially considering they actually changed the song up to a more Weezer style, whereas covers nowadays seem to be the same as the original, but with Rivers' voice.
"Trainwrecks" > you

Ehh, Trainwrecks was one of my favorite songs on Hurley. 


Different strokes

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