here's what I've been doing/planning.

1.  going to Dominguez Hills for my Bachelors.

2.  possibly doing music with and band and having my own project.

3.  traveling - UK trip part two is in the works.  Likely June - July.

4.  concerts.  Obviously.

5.  going to Vegas this week or next.

6.  reading endless literature for my classes.

7.  reading and laughing at the Talking About Weezer Facebook page.

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wow. your voices sound really good together!

G Foo Chombey said:

Since winning, she's gotten a MUCH better viola that fits her better so she doesn't "fish" for notes. There's also a second video on our channel and a new one coming this weekend.

berry_rydell [berry_rydell] said:

can we hear it?

G Foo Chombey said:

Oh so for those of you that don't talk to me regularly on Facebook, my duet won a contest and opened for Company of Thieves last Monday. Pretty cool beans.

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