It's pretty good, right?
My favorite songs are: Unspoken, Run Away, Trainwrecks and Smart Girls.
What are yours?

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Pay day... stopped at Target... one Hurley deluxe left. I'd already heard the album on the stream, of course, but not the deluxe. (By the way, those Hurlies seem to be selling like hot cakes... hardly any left! Literally one of each... and I had to hunt the deluxe in an odd aisle.) I really like the whole album; with Unspoken, Time Flies, and Brave New World among the top favorites.

Anyway... I just listened to I Want To be Something for the first time... my mind... it is completely blown. Woosh. WOOOOOOSH. Bye bye. /Bows down to The Rivers.
It's a solid album. Um, haha, .... I don't know...

There are some great songs on there. Trainwrecks is probably my favorite, yeah. Um Hang On is pretty cool because of Michael Cera. Um. haha. I mean, I don't want to be rude and like dis the other albums but a lot more effort seemed to be put into this one than the last two. *shrug* Wonderful job.

Oh! Unspoken, that's a really good one! Brand New World is awesome! *shrug*

I want to buy a mandolin now lol.
Yeah, my recording's like that, too. I think it's supposed to do that, but the 40 seconds or so of nothing is strange.
It's such a good album one of the best by Weezer in my opinion.
So many strong songs pretty much all of them!
Thanks for chiming in on that! I guess it's supposed to be like that....don't know why. Can't say that it adds anything 'artistically'. Anyway, the song seems complete at least.
Since you're the only one who responds to me, can I ask if you also have the very modest liner notes (just one pc of paper / no booklet)?

Thanks again :)
I listened to I want to Be SOmething about 500 times in a row. i hope Alone III is alot like that song.
Yeah, I've actually lost count of how many times I've listened to it now. It's got to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard - by anyone, ever. It's almost unbelievable.
truly remarkable..probably my favorite song ever
I Want To Be Something and All My Friends are Insects are my favorite Hurley songs. Why are my favorite songs always on there Deluxe for their past 3 albums?
Yeah, especially on the Red Album - Miss Sweeney, King, Pig
I am listening to Hurley for the first time today( pre ordered just got to my house), I frickin love it so far... but then again in my opinion Weezer has never dissapointed

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