It's pretty good, right?
My favorite songs are: Unspoken, Run Away, Trainwrecks and Smart Girls.
What are yours?

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I really like this album. "Where's My Sex?" may have some really cringe worthy lyrics but it makes up for that musically. Also "Brave New World" has really grown on me since i first heard it. The rest is extremely solid.

I give this album a 4/5
I even like All My Friends Are Insects! Our 2 year old watches Yo Gaba Gaba and digs that song :D
My only gripe is that it wasn't the "Raw 60's pop rock" i was lead to believe it would be.
I love it! and my favorite songs is ruling me
I've loved every =W=eezer album (Raditude was awesome) except pinkerton (which i think sucks...*waits for angry mob with pitchforks*), and i can say without a doubt this is my new favorite weezer album (old one was green). The lyrics are epic, Musically it jsut has an epic quality to it. It finally has guitar solo's! Rivers even does a few screaming parts which at first i didnt think i would like but now i love! His voice is amazing, the heavy guitar blows my mind and really gets me a rockin!

My Favorite songs are without a doubt trainwrecks and Ruling Me...and of course memories

Memories 10/10-Love the slidding guitar and rivers near screaming vocals! And it has such intense verses only to have a pretty mellow chorus which i think works great! (who ever said this was Andrew W.K. covering the killers should be ashamed! the killers are better )

Ruling Me 10/10- The lyrics are nice and nerdy and the chorus is my favorite of the album. Its just a really epic song the way it is presented

Trainwrecks- 12/10- The moment that guitar came in i knew it would be my favorite weezer song yet. This song just blows my mind and melts its face with Rivers awesome vocals, that beautiful guitar riff, and the lyrics are fun to listen to

Unspoken 8/10- First listen i was all like "wtf?"...then i listended to the lyrics and man is this just a good old teen angst song, full of anger. I really like the song, and it makes me feel like burning down a post office...or some such symbol of the man

Where's my Sex 9/10-LOLZ!!!!!!

Run away 6/10- My least favorite, it just seems to be missing the same raw energy of the rest of the album and kinda ruins the flow i think lol

Hang on 8/10- Musicaly its just a song for me to listen to, simple as that :)

Smart Girls 9/10- What i feel this song lacks lyrics wise (although i think they're very weezerish) the instumental part of this song im in love with :D

Brave New World 7/10-nice song, but i dont think its anything special...all though to me it kinda sounds like it could be a muse song instumentaly (not at all lyric wise)

Time Flies 8/10-A good way to end the album with its slower pace and teh fact that to me this album flies by way to fast :D
my sentiments exactly
Trainwrecks is surprisingly good, i didnt think i would like it but its a good track. that, ruling me, smart girls, and hang on are my favs so far.
I think its awesome, my third favorite tied with red. Ive got the same favorites as you
I like (in order): Unspoken, Ruling Me, Smart Girls, and Hang On the most though I don't think there's a song on this album that stands as a 'bad' song.
Pretty good. First song that caught me was Unspoken. Also like Brave New World a lot. All my Friends are Insects (deluxe) is bizarre but dig the guitar solo.

Exceeded my expectations, but still looking for more raw, less mainstream, more original. No more vocal effects. Prob my 5th fav =W= album.
Hi everyone, I write from Spectrum Culture and wanted to share our review of the album. I hope the moderators will allow this and I hope you enjoy reading/commenting.

I am not the author, but any comments will be shared with the writer.

Is that song really supposed to stop abruptly at 3:12????? Mine just cuts out there. Is this the same on everyone's? I am guessing so, but want to ask just in case I got a bunk disc.

Either way I am glad it's on this song. Not a fan.

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