It's pretty good, right?
My favorite songs are: Unspoken, Run Away, Trainwrecks and Smart Girls.
What are yours?

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hi, donny!
hi, S.O.S.!
Best Songs: 1. Run Away 2. Unspoken
Worst Songs: 1. Ruling Me 2. Hang On
Really enjoyed Unspoken and Ruling Me since I first heard them and Smart Girls is really growing on me!
Here's my review of Hurley!

Welcome to the new folks!
I really like Hurley. I listened to it about 3 times on Myspace an each time it got better.
My favorite songs are: Memories, Trainwrecks, Unspoken and Where's My Sex.

Am I the only one who thinks the little solo on All My Friends Are Insects is really cool?
how did you find your old response? are the old boards hidden somewhere in the depths of the internet?
I really like it a lot. I am one of those oh so special fans that loves all their albums (YES. I LIKE RADITUDE.) I really enjoy "Ruling Me" and "Hang On" the most.
No. I love it.
Solid album, but "Where's My Sex?" is crap. It ranks 5th best for me, with potential to move up to 4th.
So it's a solid song?
Hurley delivers on so many levels, however, nothing is perfect. There is a lack of cohesion and flow to this album but then again such is the norm lately in these past few albums. Now this is not a bad thing as many of the tracks on this album are great stand alone. Its just when thrown together into an album it becomes little bit of a hodge podge.

"Memories" feels like the title. This entire track was a throw back to Weezer's early days. It was loud and it sounded like Cuomo has to sing louder to keep his vocals above the rest of the track. Great opening song choice, great song, turn it up! 9/10

"Ruling Me" An upbeat song with a catchy beat. Here, like most of Weezers songs, the lyrics just have the ability to capture feelings and emotions of different time frames in your life. Is this a song where less lyrics are more? Who knows but I liked this song and its beat. 7.5/10

"Trainwrecks" At this point the album just slowed to a crawl. The album took a very sharp nose dive in intensity when this track came on. This is probably one of my least favorite songs on the album. I just couldnt connect with the song, the lyrics or the over all feel of this track. I would have liked this track if it was placed a little further in the album. 5/10

"Unspoken" Wow, this track was just awesome. I really appreciate simple acoustic tracks from bands because it really strips a lot of fluff. What your left with raw lyrics and emotions. The flute and strings accompaniment was just a great idea. 9/10

"Where's My Sex?" Not realy sure what to make of this track. I had to listen to this track a few times to get what the lyrics were referring to but my BIGGEST problem with this track happens between 2:49 to 2:51. The song is transitioning out of what I am assuming the bridge when it just hits a shoddy transition. It just SLAMS back into the guitar riff, in my opinion that just killed the track for me. The sad part was that this song was really growing on me. 4/10

"Run Away" Another solid track but nothing spectacular here. 6.5/10

"Hang On" Catchy beat, good lyrics another great addition to the library. 7.5/10

"Smart Girls" The many different faces of Weezer never ceases to amaze me. This track is edgy/poppy but still keeps true to the band, great distorted heavy guitars with awesome riffs. I really liked the sound and feel of this track. At the begining and other parts of the track Cuomos voice sounded a little tired/horse, like this was the 150'th take. 8/10

"Brave New World" I cant help but feel that this directed at the fans who are screaming for the band to get back to the days of the Blue Album. Another decent track but nothing note worthy. 6/10

"Time Flies" This track just has me scratching my head. Its has such a backwoods country feel masked with extreme distortion that makes it sound like it was recorded with a cell phone. The song also just ends. If you take the song for what it is , its not that bad of a track but it is really out of place on this album. This should have been one of the bonus tracks. 7/10

"All My Friends Are Insects" (Bonus Track) Such an odd intro for a song with a long break before the song starts. Im not really sure what the point of this song is clocking in at 1:52. 1/10

"Viva La Vida" (Bonus Track) An interesting choice of a song to cover. The problem with this cover is that there is nothing, and im not using this term loosely, that makes this cover unique or interesting. Its a straight forward cover of a great song. This could have been placed as unplugged version on the Cold Play album. In fact it is so plain that if I heard this on the radio or in passing I would NEVER guess that it was Weezer doing the cover. 3/10

"I want to be something" (Bonus Track) A good acoustic song that sounds like an in studio jam session recording. Catchy tune, this should have closed the album instead of "Time Flies" 8/10

"Represent" (Bonus Track) This song should have been the second last track on the album. A lot of thick guitar distortion, great vocals and lyrics and solo. Great song! 8.5/10

Over all this album has its faults but its a great album. A definite pick up for all Weezer fans. To those fans who like to complain that Weezers albums as of late are not the Blue Album or Pinkerton should have their pie holes filled by this album. Im thankful that Weezer is always willing to take a risk and take musical risks. Some times it produces very mixed results but at least they aren't staying stagnate producing the same type of music all the time. Its like they damned if do and damned if they dont. Life should be about constantly challenging yourself, forcing yourself to strive for something more and growth. Stagnancy and complacency are places you dont want to find yourself. Thanks for the album guys! :)

Overall 8/10

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