It's pretty good, right?
My favorite songs are: Unspoken, Run Away, Trainwrecks and Smart Girls.
What are yours?

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The original, and not that guy who is a lead singer of a band that admired me so much he had to take the name ace
finally. THANK YOU.
Great album, Weezer's best overall since Pinkerton except for maybe Maladroit. Make sure you all buy it.
I don't know if I respect the opinion of someone who thinks Represent is better than Run Away.
am I the only person who REALLY likes trainwrecks?
I love Trainwrecks
Run Matteo...

Don't worry, I like Run Away too :P

I love it! Especially the song "Smart Girls." Where was that song when I was an insecure teenager? I could have used the reassurance back then!
I love it! My favorite songs are Ruling Me, Unspoken, and Time Flies, and Trainwrecks is the only song I don't like.
i love all of the songs pretty much(ruling me, unspoken, run away are my my favorites)....time flies is growing on me little by little and i can't get enough of i want to be something...can't wait for the blue/pink tour!
I like the whole CD but at the moment the song I like the most is Ruling Me. I like the sound of the guitars.

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