I know I'm a little late in the game, but I didn't have $95 to spend on Alone 3/TPD, so I had to wait for someone to loan it to me.

Some thoughts, and I'm hoping someone besides the trolls will bite:

-->What I've read so far--a little through 1996--is fascinating. I never knew that SFTBH ended with Jonas volunteering to be stranded in space. I'm also really intrigued by Rivers' comments about wanting to be a composer, and how much he seems to dislike being a rock star. I wonder what changed?

-->Amused to find a couple mentions of D. H. Lawrence. One of my other heroes, Thomas Merton, loved his work, as well, but I've never read any of it before. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to start?

-->I never imagined there was such a rich world of music theory. My musical education in the Louisiana public school system included the circle of fifths, and that was about it. "Inevitability" in music is a concept I've never heard of before, but I think it might have helped me turn a corner in my own piddling, little songs.

-->I'm confused--was Maria's baby really Jonas'? Or was she just trying to trap him? Did it matter, or was the baby just a device to leave Jonas stranded?

-->My friend and I have this term--"Pink Triangle Syndrome," for the habit we both have of engaging so much in fantasy that it's a painful adjustment when reality comes crashing down around our heads. It's been a habit of mine for many years to retreat into my ideal, fantasy world and then to suffer for it when it inevitably comes to an end, which is maybe why Pinkerton has always resonated so much with me, even before I could move past the surface meaning of the lyrics (I was 16 and Southern Baptist and didn't feel like I could relate to songs about sex, drugs, and lesbians.)

It really struck me to read: "The conclusion of Pinkerton: reality cannot be fantastic." That's what I've increasingly begun to take away from life. It's the classic human struggle, really, to remain anchored in the real and avoid evasion. Rivers seems to despair at this, though: SFTBH ends with Jonas stranded in space, alone, and Pinkerton ends with Butterfly, an apology. It sort of reminds me of The Wall or A Space Oddity.

Did he ever resolve this crisis? Has he ever converted despair into hope? Meaninglessness is a heavy burden to carry around all of your life. Was he ever able to find meaning in reality? What's the answer to Pinkerton?

--> I'm still reading. This week was Mardi Gras so I didn't get to devote the time to reading that I'd have liked to. I'm sure I'll have more questions/thoughts.


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I never bought it because $94 is a lot for a book and a cd...but I wouldn't have bought it even if it came with a test tube sample of Rivers j***


That being said, the answer to Pinkerton is Green.

The answer to Pinkerton is Green and the answer is NO apparently. (green insert)

D.H. Lawrence - I recommend Lady Chatterley's Lover.


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