i have decided that since all my friends have been abandoning the board, i will too.

oh well.  bye!

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who left?



you can't do this to stefan.....you have responsibilities!

Luigi-sp26 said:

you can't do this to stefan.....you have responsibilities!

Now I have no one to discuss One Direction with 


hey guys...

what if peggy figured out which chick-fil-a trevor would likely go to, and camped out outside of it until the day he showed up, so that she could abduct him? she knew we would all wonder why trevor one day disappeared from weezer.com, so she posted this weak goodbye thread to attempt to cover her tracks. what if trevor is tied up in peggy's barn right now? 

Hmm, Spaz seems to have disappeared as well...

i thought we were all giving the Australian's a chance to post things 

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