So I went to the Weezer shop to see if they had the Riotfest and Doheny Days bootlegs yet and...

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I do not like the troll doll. I don't say this to be negative. I just really do not like it at all.


"When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue, when you start to get mad... You should do what I do."

Dr Seuss.

Looks like a good chew toy for my dog.

Amazing idea!

Daniel [bleed0range] said:

Don't be so negative Gohi!  It's awesome, I want fifteen of them!  But I still like the idea I had a few years ago during the Red album era of a plush Rivers that says "you don't like it, you love it!" when you squeeze him. lol. 
Gohi said:

Who would want this? If you like Weezer so much that you'd buy this guy I think you need to broaden your musical (and merchandise) horzions

it's a troll. geddit?

I'd play for this if it were in a =w= $kill-Tester-Claw-Machine...


Stefan said:

I just ordered 50 which will sit in rows at the bottom of my bed so that whenever I sing weezer songs to myself it will seem like I am famous and have fans.

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