What did you guys think of this year's batch of Super Bowl commercials? What were your favorites and least favorites? My favorite had to be a tie between the AVENGERS TRAILER (I literally died) and the Sketchers ad starring Mr. Quiggly the Puggle :). My least favorite was the FIAT one where the hot lady was a car, or something stupid like that.

What about you guys? Also, did you even watch the game? What did you think? I personally just watched it to watch it, but I must admit, the Giants played a terrific game.

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DISAPPOINTING?! Well, we all have opinions I suppose.

Zachy said:

The Avengers movie looks disappointing.

wha? not even hockey? eh?

Stefan said:

lol no 

placemats said:

You're not good at sports, Stefan?

Stefan said:

did you actually literally die???

I didn't watch the game because sports are lame. Also we don't get the American ads here in Canada which is also lame. I did see that Ferris Beuller ad for Honda or whatever online and that was cool at first (because Matthew Broderick reprising his role is cool) but then it got quite lame (because using a classic character to sell a car is lame). 

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