Slide show suggestions for Mikey and my Youtube account dedicated to him with all the videos that he's in

This weekend i will be making a slide show for Mikey and I would like some suggestions about what you would like there to be in it and how long you thing it should be and what song should be playing etc.


I have also dedicated my YouTube account to him by favouriting every single video that I have found of him on YouTube so every one can see them. I am still favouriting videos, but I should be finished by the end of this evening because I have already seen every video of him on Youtube that I can find.

Thank you so much everyone for the support and I hope you are all coping well.

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I have that video :) and that would be so sool! one day i am going to do that.

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:

i know there is a video of mikey lighting his bass on fire somewhere on the internet, and I didn't see it in your list.  Do you have that one?


also, a perfect =w= tribute to mikey would be lighting a bass on fire and just leaving it in the middle of the stage with a lot of feedback noise

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