Today I went round to my friend's house to start work on the slide show and so far we have done 2.30 mintutes of it with loads of pictures. The reason why it isn't finished yet is because I am going to add clips of videos in it for example when Mikey smashes his bass and clip of him painting etc and to do this we have to download a software, but we will continue working on it this week and we still have another 3.30 minutes to go. The song that we are using is "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" and we will try and get it finished as soon as we can. Thank you all for being patient :)

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I'll just stick with the songs that i'm already using because that way the slide show can be longer and it would take more time to change the song again, but thanks again for the idea.

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:

this is to tribute Mikey, not other people :)  


just advice, but it's your video, so do what YOU want

Hugh Lovric said:

Thanks, but i'll probably just use the other songs because some people might not be familiar with Mad Kow, but thanks anyway :)

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:
I think Mikey would appreciate the quality of it.  I have a high quality version.  PM me if you want it.

Hugh Lovric said:
Ok, it may take abit of tweaking to change it, but now I will put Island In The Sun and either Hash Pipe or Photograph into it. I don't think Mad Kow should be in it because the quailty isn't too good, but I still absolutely love the song. Thank you everyone for your advice
There are a few problems with the slide show, but it is finished. The problems are that for some reason when ever I try playing the slide show the videos that I have incorporated into it keep freezing so I will continue working on it and try and get this fixed, sorry for the long delay.
I have now made one of the videos that I have incorporated into it work, but I still need to do the others and it takes a long time for them to work, but I will get it finished as soon as I can.
No need to assume it isn't happening, Lewis. He did say it would take a while.
RIP Hugh Lovric
lewis digges: agent of DOOM.
I'm still working on it I just have so much work to do with all of my exams coming up and I now have to to and look at College's and see which ones I want to apply to. I am still working on it bit by bit and I now only have 1 more video to incorporate, I would never ever in my life forget about Mikey and I am working on it as much as I can. I am also playign a show on Friday night and my band is going to play a few =w= songs as a tribute to him. I am so sorry about the wait, but I am still working on it.
You can still go on my YouTube page FuManchubass7 to see all the videos that there are of Mikey on YouTube in the mean time.
The slide show is now finished and is on YouTube! I am so sorry for the wait and unforutnately the video's that I incorporated into it didn't work, but I did find some very rare pictures that I put into it, I hope you enjoy it. Take a look at my new thread to see it.

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